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Company purchase requires the own money multiplication as a usual goal. A long-term investment opportunity is the acquisition of a company. The acquisition of organizations provides a safe alternative to securities trading, as these are generally viable and even in crisis times can hold. The sale of a company, on the other hand, can make sense from a strategic point of view.

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How companies are sold

Company acquisitions can be completed in two different ways.
One variant is the so-called asset deal, in which the attributable

Property, rights and intangible assets through a purchase and transfer agreement. The second basic form of a company purchase is the share deal. In this case, an organization is taken over by a company law participation, for example by the purchase of business shares or shares. Consulting may provide supportive information in an advisory capacity when considering buying or selling a business.

In addition to the classic acquisition of a company, a merger is possible. These two variants are referred to in the English-speaking world as Mergers & Acquisitions, M & A for short. An M & A advisor is helpful in planning such. He can provide additional information and assistance through his specialization in the field.

The company valuation

A business valuation is necessary for both the purchase and the sale. In the context of company valuation, the value of the company is determined, for example, by the income capitalization method. This allows you to determine the minimum and maximum values ​​of the organization. On this basis, the preparation or

evaluation of a takeover bid is possible. The management consultancy can perform such company evaluations competently and reliably through its own expertise.

Before a possible contact, the seller should ask the question, in which period he wants to liquidate the organization. In the case of a planned sale in the short term, it is difficult to improve the balance sheet ratios. In the case of a corporate sale, which is not to happen for several years in the future, a change in the key figures is conceivable, for example, through an alternative application of the legally permissible options. Since a business value calculation is often based on such metrics, improving them to increase the selling price is helpful.
The contact

It often happens that the contact between the two parties has not yet taken place. The organization to be sold looks for interested buyers, but does not know them. Consulting can help here by listing the benefits of such an investment to buyers and establishing contact with investors. Especially for small and medium-sized enterprises, consulting is a helpful support, as smaller organizations in the national or global area are less well known. This makes the search for investors without third-party assistance much more difficult for them.

Contractual aspects

Contracting is just as extensive and offers many subtleties that need to be considered. Even the smallest differences in the formulation can have dramatic legal implications. An experienced M & A advisor knows what to look for and can assist in setting up the purchase agreement.
Furthermore, he can pay attention to relevant details, such as the possible resignation or termination of the contract. If such a right of withdrawal or such a termination option has been agreed in the contract, it is advisable to take into account the corresponding deadlines.


The decision to sell a company requires a comprehensive and competent analysis of the situation. Many aspects have to be taken into account, which for example have an influence on the selling price or the contract. Consulting offers the opportunity to act as a supportive service provider to pay attention to the intricacies of selling the company. External help can be useful, especially for small and medium-sized providers, as their own resources may not be sufficient.

We assist companies and individuals in finding suitable companies and accompany the entire transaction process as needed until the conclusion of the purchase contract.

With a company purchase the following goals can be achieved:

Expansion and strengthening of the competitive position in Germany and abroad
Purchase of know-how, technologies, employees
Diversification of the product

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